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CPNE delegation visits China

KARACHI -  A delegation of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) visited China on a week-long tour. A statement here on Monday said that the delegation went to the Chinese capital Beijing, as well as Uyrumqi, capital of the Autonomous R...

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'Agent of Chaos' hell-bent on derailing CPEC

Muhammad Mehdi US President Trump’ first visit to China is brimming with many undercurrents and significance. It seems to be a barometer to visualize numerous set of developments poised to be unleashed in future. Trump came to power with the slogan...

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Trump's coming hard line on China

US President Donald Trump’s first visit to Beijing was an exhibition of mutual flattery. China rolled out the red carpet for what it termed a 'state visit plus', replete with unprecedented pomp and circumstance for an American leader.  Trump returned...

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Xi sets steps for deepening overall reform

Initiatives must be people-centered and carried out under leadership of the Party President Xi Jinping called for continuous and resolute efforts to deepen overall reform as the top reform agency convened on Monday for the first time since the Par...

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How Trump sold out world trade to China

US President Donald Trump returned from his 12-day trip to Asia, proclaiming it historic. Indeed, it was historic, but not for the reasons he listed. Instead, 52 years after US Marines landed on the beach of Da Nang, which launched the country's fate...