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Star in my community- Adele Ramos

Photo: Richard Holder Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017. 12:05 p.m. CST. You may not know Adele O. Ramos as the painter, fashion designer or GIS technophile, but you most likely know her as one of Belize’s most proficient print journalists for almos...

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Taylor Swift's 7 Best Music Video Alter Egos

Taylor Swift played us all.Over 11 years and six studio albums, the singer-songwriter has crafted a remarkable story arc: from posing as the quirky girl-next-door on the bleachers to a sparkly, top-hatted ringmaster to a vengeful revisionist. Along t...

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Ticketing's Shady Underworld Getting Gutted

There has emerged a rather large problem when it comes to any big event - ticketing. It sounds simple enough to get ticketing right, but there are so many scammers and routers out there who are profiting off doing nothing.There exists a dark underwor...

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Church News: December 2017

By Gina Gaudet As the Christmas season and the Festival of Lights enters our homes, we reignite the fires of our traditions in our hearts. We sing carols and songs long familiar, while learning a few new ones,...