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Emma Stone : ladyladyboners

A place for lady loving ladies to share the ladies they love. We welcome lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, trans persons, non-binary, genderqueer folks, and everyone else who likes to look at and chat about beautiful women in a safe, comfortable atmosph...

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Miss Money's Rise to Stardom

Pennsylvanian rapper, Miss Money, hails from Pittsburgh’s Hill District, an impoverished neighborhood in the city. The Hill, as it’s known, is one of the major cultural centers of African-American life in Pittsburgh and a historically...

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The Best Way To Cut Side-Swept Bangs

Soft and sexy side-swept bangs seen on the likes of Emma Stone and Rihanna are a must-have for celebrities and clients alike. Matt Beck from @freesaloneducation shares his tricks for the best way to cut a side-parted long bang.   [embedded content...

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I Wasn't a Fan of BTS. And Then I Was.

The tradition of sneering at “boy bands” and their fans—who are often, but not always, young women—is an old one rooted in ageism and misogyny. While this stigma extends to BTS—even SNL’s promos played off the idea of ARMYs as mindless tween fangirls...

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2019 Has Been a Banner Year for Sci-Fi Movies

From Marie ClaireThe thing about science fiction is that even though it tends to be about a high-concept setup, it's usually about something more fundamental. That makes it the perfect genre for our times, and in 2019, we've so far gotten a lot of sc...