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Is Stephen Curry Fading?

Article describing how, addition of KEVIN DURANT to the ALL-STAR roster of Golden State Warriors has had negative effects on Curry's career Baby-faced AssassinYES, you heard it right ‘STEPHEN CURRY’, the 2 x NBA champion and 2xSEASON MVP had to...

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Kevin Durant Is for the Children!

Kevin Durant is out here making kids cry tears of joy! So the Open Run crew had to draw up their list of the players who move them to tears. Also on the menu: Joel Embiid's NBA Finals prediction and David West's magical ability to make old men feel r...

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Young Fan Weeps After KD Signs His Shoes

Fans can sometimes get caught up in sports for the wrong reasons -- but what happened Monday night at Oracle Arena after the Warriors win over Portland was nothing short of fantastic. A young boy, amed with two huge basketball shoes, found himself fa...