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Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Falchuk Brad Pitt

It was March of 2014 when they "consciously uncoupled" and the rest of us are still trying to figure out what that even means. But Gwyneth has had a new man in her life for a while now and they are getting married! His name is Brad Falchuk and he's a...

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How We Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

The season of gastronomic indulgence is upon us, and kicking things off is Thanksgiving Day.How We Celebrate Thanksgiving DayAlthough an American festival, Thanksgiving is slowly making inroads in India. However, ask any urban Indian what the festiva...

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top Brad Pitt movies?

DougWilson - Seven for best movieImterview with the vampire for his best performancekind of post I am looking forfav movies and whymovies to avoid (never saw that burn while reading or whatever movie bc looked dumb. correct me if I am wrong)dude is...