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CT Recommends – “Rango”

In 2011, Pixar was in the middle of a golden age, and with Dreamworks contenders like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Kung Fu Panda,” even if you hadn’t fully tapped into the uncritical joy that comes from being a young  moviegoer, you were mostly gu...

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Dragged Across Concrete Review

Bearing a title that doesn’t suggest any degree of subtlety, writer/director S. Craig Zahler’s third film builds on that early promise he demonstrated with the gruelling western Bone Tomahawk (2015) and tough prison thriller Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2...

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Clint Eastwood – Sudden Impact

Quote:Clint Eastwood returns to his popular Dirty Harry character and directs himself in the role for the first time. The film starts with Harry leaving San Francisco at his superiors’ insistence and going to a small seaside town...

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Million Dollar Baby

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